CORE Fitness Services

Personal Training

No Matter what your fitness level or goal – a personal trainer can play a key role in your success. Staffed with certified personal trainers educated in the very latest health and fitness techniques and information. CORE offers an array of expert personal training services that provide the inspiration, skill, and discipline to help you make the most of your workouts and achieve your fitness goals.

Group Training

Group training/semi-private training is a structure that has proven successful in everything from collegiate and professional sports, to physical therapy, to cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation.

Our group training/semi-private, training guarantees a trainer-to-client ratio of no more than 4:1. From there, they are coached in a small group setting and put into an environment in which they can succeed and have fun. Periodic progress checks will also be performed to assess new goals and progressions.

It is an innovative approach to classic private (one-on-one) training. As such, members can train with greater frequency at a fraction of the cost – and therefore make faster progress.

Semi-private training provides a motivating, unconditionally positive environment. When you are down, there is always someone alongside you to pick you up. All our clients meet new people and develop strong friendships with those with whom they train.

CORE makes training enjoyable – and in the process, you discover that you are capable of things that you’d never thought possible.

Semi-private training allows for flexible scheduling. Join a group of three others or start your own with friends and family. You do it on your schedule.

Semi-private training puts you around trainers and training partners who serve a means of making you accountable to someone other than just yourself.

Child Care

Let your child enjoy our Kid Zone while you exercise. Staffed with experienced and nurturing caregivers, your child, age 6 months to 12 years, can have fun playing in our bright, cheerful childcare room. Filled with a wide range of age-appropriate toys and activities, the Kid Zone provides a safe, clean, and stimulating play area for your child.

Daycare Hours of Operation:



Daycare Rules & Regulations:

All of the following rules and regulations will be strictly enforced.

  • There is a 90 minute limit per child. (Additional fees appy after 90 minutes. 2 hour maximum)
  • Child care hours will be strictly enforced.
  • Parents must always be on the premises.
  • Payment must be made at the front desk prior to entry.
  • Child must remain in child care room at all times.
  • No children are permitted on the gym floor.
  • No children may enter locker rooms.
  • No children on premises during non-childcare hours.

In order to ensure that we maintain a healthy environment for your children, the following rules must be strictly enforced:

No children permitted with:

  • Persistent cough
  • Fever from the past 24 hours
  • Pink Eye
  • Continuous running nose