Elena Makovskay

“In October 2010 I ran a PR at Chicago marathon (3:19). Shortly after that I realized that if I wanted to achieve even greater results, I needed to take my fitness to the next level. Regular gym group fitness classes felt easy by then and I knew I needed to find a workout for myself that will constantly put me out of my comfort zone, shock my body and push my limits. My good friend and a running partner, Jennifer Brunet, suggested I try Strike-Fit class at CORE Center of Fitness. From the first try I knew that was exactly what I needed!!! Strike-Fit is the class with emphasis on form, weight training and cardiovascular endurance. I have been taking this class all 2011 year and this produced tremendous results: 6 strong PR times in distances from 5K to 50 miles, 1st place female in 2 races with course records (13.1 and 50 miles), multiple 2nd and 3rd places in races of various distances and terrains. I even ran a race at 14,000+ ft altitude and survived!!! I certainly attribute much of this huge success to the Strike-Fit class and its master instructor – Dave Paladino. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to get strong and fast!”


Mike Silano
“My name is Michael Silano and I wrestle for St. Joseph Regional High School. I have been training with Dave Paladino at C.O.R.E. Performance / Advantage Wrestling Academy for over 1 year. I have improved both mentally and physically with his help. He pushes me to new levels every time we train and I know in the end, it will all pay off. I have seen great gains in not only my muscular development and strength, but in my overall performance. If you truly want to get an edge over your competition, then you must train at CP/ A.W.A. and let Dave and his staff give you the advantage on and off the matt.”

Nick Alpher
NJ State Finalist 2nd Place
“Definitely some of the toughest sessions of my life! Every time I train at CORE Performance/Advantage Wrestling Academy, I almost regret coming because it’s just that challenging, but it’s the similar challenges that prepare you for the second and third winds that you will need to experience in the period of time in a sport where you need to reach your full potential as an athlete. As strange as it is, it’s almost all mental. Training with Dave and his methods will prepare you for any situation. If you want to be the best then its simple, train with the best.”

Stevie Guarino
“Throughout my athletic career, I have encountered and put my body through many different techniques and styles of training. Since I was 10 years old I have been training at C.O.R.E. under the guidance of Dave Paladino. Dave is a master when it comes to every aspect of mind and body in and outside of the gym. He has opened up new doors for me athletically throughout the years – his training style is truly unmatched. Entering his new Strike Zone Combat class has been the most eye-opening training experience of my life. He emphasizes pushing past the “pain barrier” – mental toughness is an important aspect Dave teaches through his intense and diverse routines, which is one approach that separates Dave’s style from all others. As a Division1 athlete, Dave is continuing to push me in ways that will put me above the rest on and off the field. After entering Strike Fit Combat, I believe there is no other way to achieve success at the collegiate level – he makes the possibilities limitless. Thanks Dave.”